The journey of publishing my first book and why I need your help now

The past six months have been filled with editing, revisions, and doubts. After submitting my first manuscript of my poetry collection Under Clouds & City Lights back in October, I thought the bulk of my book writing process was done. Little did I know, the next six months would be…

Of publishing my book and how you can support

I have passed the beginning of the end of writing my book. I launched preorders for my first book two days ago to much built-up self-anticipation in the fanfare of my living room.

I have spent the last six months writing and completing my first manuscript of my poetry collection…

A poem for Chrissy and many others

There is no greater grief than
the hole of a child who does not exist,
who was only here for a brief,
complicated moment,
whose presence leaves a
hole now shared by
the kindness of strangers, who want to
let you know
they once felt that same pain
even from a million miles away,
grieving emptiness together

A poem about leaving

Her untamed, sun-kissed light brown hair flew with the wind,
her large doe eyes widened,
her powdered freckles creased.
She embodied the spirit of the island,
the volcanoes a spitting image of her fiery aura.

She longed for the world beyond the island,
wanting to soak in the glittering sights and…

A poem

The little yellow balloon
broke free from where it had been tied
and floated into the overcast sky.

It did not know how far it could travel
or how high it could go,
only that it wanted to see another yellow balloon.

A poem

The notorious RBG rests in power,
her legacy will last long after,
for you can’t spell truth without ruth,
a Supreme Court Justice who inspired thousands of youth.

She fought for gender equality,
despite constantly being doubted even with her Columbia Law School degree.
She led the tireless struggle for equal…

Caitlin Ju

Poetry book “Under Clouds and City Lights” available now

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