The journey of publishing my first book and why I need your help now

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The past six months have been filled with editing, revisions, and doubts. After submitting my first manuscript of my poetry collection Under Clouds & City Lights back in October, I thought the bulk of my book writing process was done. Little did I know, the next six months would be filled with more writing and heart poured into my book than ever before.

The Process

Of publishing my book and how you can support

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I have passed the beginning of the end of writing my book. I launched preorders for my first book two days ago to much built-up self-anticipation in the fanfare of my living room.

I have spent the last six months writing and completing my first manuscript of my poetry collection. Though the editing process is far from over, I realized that now my book was no longer just in my head. With preorders starting and names popping up on my screen to contribute, I quite honestly am scared. It always felt like a faraway, removed act that people will be…

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A poem for Chrissy and many others

Caitlin Ju

Poetry book “Under Clouds and City Lights” available now

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