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I have passed the beginning of the end of writing my book. I launched preorders for my first book two days ago to much built-up self-anticipation in the fanfare of my living room.

I have spent the last six months writing and completing my first manuscript of my poetry collection. Though the editing process is far from over, I realized that now my book was no longer just in my head. With preorders starting and names popping up on my screen to contribute, I quite honestly am scared. It always felt like a faraway, removed act that people will be…

A poem

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I could feel your breath against
my neck, your hand gripped against mine

so tightly, as if you knew that when you let go
I would remember I shouldn’t be

here. I turn to face you, shapeless in the dark,
the moonlight illuminating just the left side

of your face. Your eyes are shut, your lips apart,
your breath held by the lightest golden strands

in the air. My heart races, and I open my mouth
to say something — anything — so that we could stay

frozen in time. But the fear of regret (and my pride) is too…

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A poem for Chrissy and many others

Caitlin Ju

Poetry book “Under Clouds and City Lights” publishing April 2021

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